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Amsterdam Light Festival


The Amsterdam Light Festival is officially here! We’re so excited to share the magic of this annual event with you. Until January 21st, 2024, Amsterdam’s famous canals are transformed into a celebration of art and light.

We’re proud to be official partners of the festival this year and can’t wait to set sail with you. Our talented skippers will take you along the official route so you can be sure to see each of the wondrous light installations up close.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Does it shock you to learn that light art has been popular in the Netherlands since the 1920s?! That’s a whole century of light magic! There have been many different versions of these festivities through the years, including a popular Christmas canal parade. The Amsterdam Light Festival as we now know it officially started in 2012-2013, which means we’re already celebrating the 12th edition.

So what exactly is the Amsterdam Light Festival, you ask? It’s a spectacular event celebrating the “universal language of light”. Every winter a new edition is displayed featuring artwork created especially for the festival. Each year has a different theme, which means you see something new and inspiring every time.

All of the installations can be viewed both from the water and the land. You can find walking routes on the Amsterdam Light Festival website, although we selfishly hope you’ll join us for a cruise along the official Amsterdam Light Tour route as well.

Highlights and theme

This year, more than 20 light installations illuminate the beloved Amsterdam canals. Every edition has a theme, this year’s being ‘LOADING…Revealing Art, AI and Tech’. It centers around the influence of AI in our daily lives. These impressive artworks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also quite thought-provoking! We’re curious to hear which ones you find most intriguing.

Skipper Paap’s current favorite is the striking sculpture featured above. It represents humans diving headfirst into virtual reality, as the diver in the sculpture wears a VA headset.

How to book tickets

The easiest option is for you to book directly through our website.

Feel free to kontaktieren Sie uns if you have any questions!

What to expect

Pick up and drop off are at our regular location: Prinsengracht 375 in the heart of the canal belt.

We’ll glide through the official Amsterdam Light Festival route.

Your knowledgeable Skipper can tell you all about this year’s installations.

The tour is 90 minutes in duration and takes place in the evening.

Tips for your tour

Since these special tours take place in the evening during winter, it’s advisable to dress for the weather. 

Our boats feature heated seats and blankets, but it can still get chilly on the water. 

We provide a selection of beverages, plus you’re welcome to bring your own snacks and/or drinks aboard.

Official Partner

This year, we are proud to announce that we have become official partners of the Amsterdam Light Festival! As part of this partnership, we now offer boat tours daily at 17:00 and 19:00, allowing you to witness the mesmerizing light installations and experience the festival like never before.

Join us on this enchanting adventure and prepare to be amazed by the stunning artistry and creativity on display. Book your tickets now and embark on a journey through the ethereal wonderland of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Festival FAQ

Please visit the official Amsterdam Light Festival FAQ page for more information.

Final thoughts...

If you’re hoping to attend the festival this year, we recommend booking your tour sooner rather than later. This is a top-rated event that tends to sell out quickly! It also makes a great gift for the holidays, hint hint.

Why not experience the festival from the water and on land? We like to kick off the festivities with a canal cruise through the official festival route, then revisit on foot a few weeks later. You’ll be surprised how different the light installations look from different perspectives.

Amsterdam is a special place for many reasons, including its unique ability to blend art and culture. The light festival is a perfect example of the magic that happens when the two are successfully combined. To see the rich history of the canal belt transformed into a temporary celebration of art is awe-inspiring.

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