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6 verrassende musea in Amsterdam


Have you been in Amsterdam before? Or you don’t want to stand in line for the bigger museums like Van Gogh or Rijks? Consider these 6 museums to broaden your visit to our lovely city. Check for opening hours on the websites.

Interested in musical instruments? A collection of automatic pianos and related objects and over 30.000 music rolls in the museum archive.

Nearly all of them can be played on the different instruments in the museum.

Love cats? Than this museum should be on your list. They have paintings, statues and poster art with cats. But also live cats, sleeping in the museum.

Always wondered what a canal house looks like on the inside? Here’s your chance. Here lived a founder of the Dutch East-India Company. Behind the house is a beautiful garden, an oasis of quiet in the modern inner city.

See paintings from the COBRA movement. Artists like Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Christian Dotremont, Asger Jorn, and Joseph Noiret. But also temporary exhibitions like: Hundertwasser or Miro. Situated in neighboring town Amstelveen.

Everything you want to know about the little animals you can only see through microscope. Nice multimedia effects. Museum is new and situated next to the Artis Zoo.

See where the king entertains his official guests. Built in the early 1600’s, this was originally the city hall.