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Recap: Amsterdam Light Festival

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Another magical year of the Amsterdam Light Festival has come and gone. We’d like to thank to our amazing guests for joining us on the canals and brightening our winter nights. The sparkling artworks are always a delight to observe, but you are the true stars.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is officially here! We’re so excited to share the magic of this annual event with you. Until January 21st, 2024, Amsterdam’s famous canals are transformed into a celebration of art and light. We’re proud to be official partners of the festival this year and can’t wait to set sail with you. […]

Zijn de coffeeshops alleen voor toeristen?

Blog are the coffeeshops only for tourists

Whilst you may get the impression that the coffee shops are only for tourists, the Dutch definitely enjoy the occasional joint. Are They Legal? The Coffeeshops are still something that pique the interest of tourists. They were one of the first places you could buy weed and hash without running the risk of getting arrested […]

Kun je zwemmen in de Amsterdamse grachten?

Blog Can you swim in the Amsterdam canals

Well according to the Amsterdam people you can! 1 out of 3 ‘Amsterdammers’ swim in the Amsterdam open water. And 1 out of 20 swim in the canals. Because the houseboats are now all connected to the sewage system and the water get’s cleaned often, the water quality now is better than it has ever […]

6 verrassende musea in Amsterdam

Blog 6 surprising museums in Amsterdam

Ben je al eerder in Amsterdam geweest? Of wil je niet in de rij staan voor de grotere musea zoals Van Gogh of Rijks? Overweeg dan deze 6 musea om je bezoek aan onze mooie stad te verbreden. Kijk voor openingstijden op de websites.

Het huis met duizend ramen

Blog the house with a thousand windows

Half way down the Bloemgracht at number 87-91 there is the House with a Thousand Windows. This house is also known as “the Triplet house” or “De Drie Hendricken. Actually three houses, this is a very quaint golden-age building with step-gables. How much windows does this house have? Since we like to verify all facts […]

5 plekken om te bezoeken in Amsterdam West

5 places to visit in Amsterdam West

Often, the center of Amsterdam is all you need. But then there are those days, perhaps at the height of summer when you’ve only just managed to avoid your third tourist who blithely stepped out onto the bicycle path, that you’re desperate for something else. On those days, why not try Amsterdam West? It’s an […]

Koningsdag in Amsterdam

Don’t like parties, hordes of people or the color orange? Then whatever you do, don’t come to Amsterdam on the 27th of April, when we celebrate the king’s birthday. For on that day all three descend on the city in staggering numbers. And that’s not just exaggeration. On the good years, when the weather is […]

10 Water festivals in Amsterdam

Blog 10 waterbased festivals

Sure, we’re a bit biased. But for us it’s obvious that Amsterdam’s water festivals are some of the coolest things since bell bottoms. They combine two of our favorite ingredients – water and fun. That’s a powerful combination. And Amsterdam has some of the best such festivals around. In our minds, the only one that […]

5 geweldige geheimen over Amsterdamse bruggen

Blog 5 awesome secrets about Amsterdam

Take the reason for the three crosses on Amsterdam’s flag. We’ve got plenty of theories about why they’re there. The drunk at the end of the bar will tell you it’s because of the red-light district (it’s not). Tour guides will often insist they’re meant to ward off the three disasters the city often faced […]