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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or you’re stepping aboard for the very first time, it’s totally normal to have a few questions. To make it simple, we’ve gathered the most common queries we get from our guests.

If you don’t find an answer below, please feel free to contact us directly! We are always happy to help.

We have a maximum of 10 guests per tour. This includes children.

We have a variety of locations where we can pick you up. Please refer to the ‘Recommended pickup locations’ list below for further information.

If your location (restaurant, hotel, museum, home address) is not in the list, you can always ask us for info on the nearest location.

Recommended pick up locations:

Yes, we love meeting your furry friends!

Skipper Paap is in popular demand and we totally understand why!  

However, Skipper Paap cannot be in two places at once. This means that some tours will be guided by one of our other talented skippers. 

Don’t worry, though! All of our skippers are equally skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. You will be in excellent hands no matter who you set sail with on your tour.

1. Do you offer catering on board?

We do not offer catering on board, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks for no additional fee. 

2. Are we allowed to bring some wine?

Wine not? Okay sorry. Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks on board, including wine or beer. 

3. Will you have a wine opener?
Yes, we have a wine opener on board. We always got you covered!

4. Glasses?
We have plastic glasses because glassware is not permitted on board. No need to to bring your own.

5. Will there be soft drinks available?
We may have San Pellegrino or Coca Cola soft drinks on board. As we can’t guarantee what will be stocked on the day of your tour, you are always encouraged to bring your own.

Yes, you are allowed to bring a stroller.

Our boat is very comfortable in all weather and can be closed on all sides.

Additionally, our seats are heated and we offer cabin heating.

If you still wish to cancel despite these accommodations, we understand and will offer you a refund.

Please cancel at least 4 hours before the tour is scheduled to depart.

Firstly, thank you for choosing us to help plan this special moment! We are honored to assist you in planning the perfect proposal.
For proposals, we recommend booking a 1-hour tour. The skipper will pick you and your loved one up at this location: Prinsengracht 397. 
You’ll then sail to a beautiful location where you can carry out the proposal.
We’ll discuss a specific song beforehand that functions as a cue for you to start the proposal. We also offer you a complimentary bottle of Cava to celebrate!
The price of the tour is €90 on weekdays and Sunday. On Saturday, the tour is €120.
We’re also able to provide a bouquet of red roses for an additional surcharge of €25.
Our skipper will also be delighted to photograph the proposal so you can return to this magical memory for years to come! 

Unfortunately, we do not have a wheelchair elevator on board and the boat is not big enough to place a wheelchair.

There are a few steps as you get on the boat that can feel steep to some. We are happy to assist you as you board to ensure that you feel safe.

Depending on the pick-up location, there are likely to be some steps that you’ll need to walk down to access the boat. You can always contact us to request a more accesable pick-up location if needed. 

There are a few places in Amsterdam where you can park. For parking in the city center, the Marnixstraat garage is your best bet. We can even pick you up for your canal tour at a dock located right beside the garage. 

We do not offer catered dinner cruises, but you are very welcome to bring your own food on board. We’ve had guests bring sushi platters, pizza feasts, charcuterie spreads, and more! The possibilites are open to your imagination.  

We have hosted many company tours with great success. There’s no better team-building activity than setting sail on the canals with your colleagues!

Naturally, we offer a tax invoice for your administration. 

Although it’s possible, it would be a very long tour (minimum 4 hours) and quite pricey. We can, of course, discuss this with you if you’re determined! Please contact us directly. 

Enjoy the Canal Tour of a Lifetime!